The Lorax Wins Box Office Again, Bests John Carter

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The Lorax worked his magic yet again as the Dr. Seuss tale won the box office for a second straight week with $39.1 million, beating back the competition of Disney’s John Carter. The Mars-based action film made its debut to the tune of $30.6 million for a second place finish.

Danny DeVito is The Lorax

While some may say it's a stumble for John Carter, Movie Fanatic would argue otherwise. The film earned just over $100 million globally. We remember a time when the $100 million mark was the point at which a film was called a blockbuster. So, let us be the first to say, John Carter is a blockbuster!

The found-footage party movie Project X added another $11.6 million to its total of $40.1 million in its second week of release and landed in third place. The Elizabeth Olsen horror flick Silent House debuted in fourth place with $7.01 million.

The real life Navy SEALs-starring Act of Valor continued its battle for box office supremacy that began with its debut at number one three weeks ago. The film banked $7 million to score fifth place to bring its total to an impressive $56.1 million.

The good news for Hollywood continues as the box office blues of 2011 seem to be a thing of the past. The top three movies of the weekend totaled $71.3 million in total gross -- not bad at all.

The box office top 10:

1. The Lorax, $39.1 million
2. John Carter, $30.6 million
3. Project X, $11.6 million
4. Silent House, $7.01 million
5. Act of Valor, $7 million
6. A Thousand Words, $6.4 million
7. Safe House, $5 million
8. The Vow, $4 million
9. This Means War, $3.8 million
10. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, $3.7 Million

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A man can change his armor but not his heart.

Dejah Thoris

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