Weekend Movie Preview: March 16, 2012

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Can anyone knock The Lorax off the top of the box office charts? Well, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Will Ferrell all have guns blazing, aiming their movie mojo at the little orange guy with their weekend debuts. The most likely victor will be Tatum and Hill’s 21 Jump Street, but don’t count out the power of the Ferrell nation turning out to see his Casa de mi Padre. For those who like their films a little quieter, Jason Segel and Ed Helms play brothers in the dramatic comedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home. And finally, Nicolas Cage is an unwilling vigilante in Seeking Justice.

21 Jump Street: Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller bring the 1980s TV staple to the big screen in a comedy that is packed with action and thrills. Tatum and Hill are recent police academy graduates who are sent undercover to a high school with a re-vamped 21 Jump Street program. The film pays tribute to the original, while wildly striking out on its own. And the Johnny Depp cameo is alone worth the price of admission. Learn more in our 21 Jump Street review.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home: Segel and Helms are perfectly cast as brothers who have very different views of life. Segel’s title character lives in his mother’s basement, awaiting a sign from the universe to tell him what to do with his life. Meanwhile, Helms is leading a ho-hum life with wife Judy Greer who may or may not be cheating on him. The Duplass brothers excel in their latest feature, as we further explain in our Jeff, Who Lives at Home review.

Casa de mi Padre: Ferrell took the telenovela and mixed it with the spaghetti Western and what he have is a wickedly original comedy… all in Spanish! The comic actor does not lose a beat in the funny department by changing up the language of his prose. The film is entertaining beyond belief and a must-see for any fan of Ferrell's. As we report in our Casa de mi Padre review, with a solid script behind him, the former SNL star is always gold.

Seeking Justice: Cage and his wife, played by January Jones, suffer greatly when she is brutally attacked. When a stranger offers to help him achieve justice, the shaken Cage agrees. Only now, he owes someone he does not want to be in debt to. The actor must now become a vigilante as the film swells to a feverish conclusion. Does it work? Check out our Seeking Justice review to see.

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