Weekend Movie Preview: March 9, 2012

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The booming box office should continue with the year’s first true blockbuster, John Carter, hitting theaters. Joining the Edgar Rice Burroughs character on the big screen are the page-to-screen Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and the dramedy Friends with Kids, plus Elizabeth Olsen gets horrified in Silent House and Eddie Murphy tries to do it all in under 1,000 Words.

John Carter: Taylor Kitsch scored huge when he nailed the lead in the story that is 100 years in the making. Many have tried to bring John Carter to the screen, including Tom Cruise in the late 1980s, but it took the progress of technology to allow director Andrew Stanton to finally bring it to life. The film feels like a summer blockbuster and is definitely one of those films that must be seen on the big screen, as we explain further in our John Carter review.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen: Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt play two polar opposites who must find a way to work together in order to make the wish of a Sheikh come true of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. The pair are delicious together, but Kristin Scott Thomas steals every scene she’s in as a government PR expert dying for a “good news” story out of the Middle East. Read our Salmon Fishing in the Yemen review for more.

Friends with Kids: Jennifer Westfeldt triumphs again. The writer-director-star of Kissing Jessica Stein and Ira & Abby scores her best film yet with Friends with Kids. A group of longtime pals have grown up into adulthood together, with two couples having children and the last two, who are unattached, deciding to have a child together rather than wait for "the one." The film is heartfelt, dramatic and most of all funny. Check out our Friends with Kids review as we delve deeper.

Silent House: Elizabeth Olsen rivets in this “single shot” horror movie that takes audiences into the mind of an unstable woman who can’t find her way out of what she believes is a haunted house. It is one of the scariest films we’ve seen in years and fans of the genre will be thrilled. As we state in our Silent House review, the performance of its lead is what sets this film apart.

1,000 Words: Eddie Murphy is back in his heartwarming comedy mode as a man who has it all. Suddenly he finds out that he only has 1,000 words left to utter and when that is exhausted… he will die. Will Murphy continue his hot streak thanks to Tower Heist, or is this another misstep by the wildly talented comic actor who sometimes loses his way?

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