Django Unchained: First Photos!

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The first photos from Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Django Unchained, have arrived. We’ve heard plenty about the visionary director’s latest effort, but there was not a visual (beyond a minimalist poster) to be had, despite the fact the film has been filming for weeks. Patience is rewarded with two photos. The first is of Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx, and the second is of Leonardo DiCaprio wielding a hammer. As a Christmas present from Tarantino to his fans, the film arrives December 25.

Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained
Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained

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[to slaves] And in the odd chance there are any Astronomy aficionados amongst you the North Star is... that one.

Dr. King Schultz

[shouting] Where is my beautiful sister?

Calvin Candie

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