DVD Previews: Iron Lady & Darkest Hour

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A classic arrives on Blu-Ray, Meryl Streep proves she’s The Iron Lady and Emile Hirsch leads a group of Americans fighting for survival when aliens attack in The Darkest Hour -- all out this week on DVD, On Demand and Blu-Ray.

The Iron Lady: Meryl Streep won an Oscar for Best Actress, and deservedly so, for playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Thatcher was the first U.K. female Prime Minister and to this date, is still the only one. The story takes the point of view of an older Thatcher recalling her lifetime of service and the love she shared with her adoring husband, Denis. The movie also scored an Oscar for Best Makeup and between Streep’s performance and how much she appears to be Thatcher, this film is a study in a biopic worth its weight. Bonus features include a look at Thatcher’s younger years in Recreating the Young Margaret Thatcher, her work in government through the featurette Battle in the House of Commons and a fascinating look at the costuming in Costume Design: Pearls and Power Suits.

The Darkest Hour: Emile Hirsch leads a youthful cast in an alien invasion movie that proves that those extraterrestrials that wish us harm, do not only get the Hollywood treatment when they invade America. Hirsch and his friends are in Moscow for business and pleasure when an alien force strikes that is unlike any we’ve seen on film prior. These beings seek to mine us for our energy and all the forms that it takes, including the electrical impulses emitted by humans. The best bonus feature is something we wish other films of The Darkest Hour’s ilk would do: A fully separate short film tied into the movie. The Darkest Hour: Survivors is as compelling as the full-length movie, even more so.

A Streetcar Named Desire: In celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the release of A Streetcar Named Desire (one of our Top 10 Oscar upsets!) in theaters, Warner Bros. is releasing an astounding Blu-Ray that is a must for any classic movie buff. The work of Tennessee Williams was never as brilliantly portrayed as it was by Marlon Brandon and Vivien Leigh. The multiple Oscar winner dazzles on Blu-Ray and that iconic “Stella” scene is more vibrant than we remember (video below!). A bounty of extras are included, not the least of which is a 40-page Blu-Ray book taking fans inside the filming of a modern American classic. What is also fascinating are the bonus features that show off the legend that is Brando. The Blu-Ray features movie and audio outtakes from the filming as well as the rarest of rare items: The Brando screen test for the role that would define him. Elia Kazan: A Director’s Journey is a full-length documentary celebrating the Oscar lifetime achievement award winner. There are also five additional documentaries, with the best of the best being A Streetcar on Broadway and A Streetcar in Hollywood that tackles taking a stage icon and bringing it to the big screen.

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