Four Brave Character Posters: Merida and her Clan

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Pixar has debuted four new character posters over at Entertainment Weekly in anticipation of the June 22 arrival of the animated studio’s latest, Brave. The film is their first featuring a female lead in Merida (Kelly Macdonald). Don’t tell the film’s director, Mark Andrews, that she’s a Disney princess. “Merida just happens to be, by default, in the society of a princess. We don’t really call her princess often in the movie,” Andrews told EW. “She’s trying to reconcile this difference between how the world wants her to be, and how she sees herself. Ultimately, she’s going to have to look inside herself, and what she finds in the mirror is not exactly what she expected. That’s kind of our definition of ‘brave’ in the movie -- looking inside yourself and coming to grips with who exactly you are.”

Movie Fanatic is heading up to Pixar today to talk to the creative team behind Brave. Stay tuned!

Brave: Merida Character Poster

Brave Character Poster

Brave Character Poster Three

The Kids of Brave

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