Jaws Arriving on Blu-Ray: Spielberg Talks Restoration

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Jaws, one of Steven Spielberg’s classic films (what are his top 10?), is coming home on Blu-Ray August 14 and will be seen like never before. When Jaws arrived in 1975, it shocked a nation so much that people seriously avoided going into the water. Now, the film is getting a complete digital restoration and we’ve got a trailer for the Blu-Ray and a short film featuring Spielberg talking about the process of bringing vividness back to his film that put him on the map and is considered the first summer blockbuster.

The film’s update is part of Universal Studios’ 100th anniversary celebration. It is one of thirteen classic films from the studio that will get a digital reboot from its original 35mm format. The Jaws Blu-Ray will also feature a never-before-seen documentary called The Shark is Still Working and over four hours of bonus features.

Check out the video below of Spielberg and Universal’s team discussing the process of restoration and its importance to preserving our film legacy. “Jaws holds a unique place, not just in Universal Pictures’ history, but in global pop culture,” said Craig Kornblau, President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. “It is only fitting that this phenomenal film should be given the extensive restoration needed to ensure that long-time fans as well as newcomers can enjoy this unforgettable cinematic achievement for generations to come.”

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