Jerry Bruckheimer Exclusive Interview: Living Lone Ranger

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Jerry Bruckheimer may never have worked as hard before starting a production as he has for The Lone Ranger. After getting green lit, then put on hold… and then green lit again, we are thrilled to be talking with the screen legend at CinemaCon in Las Vegas about his upcoming film that brings the famous TV show to 21st century audiences.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean series producer (and dozens of other blockbusters) and this reporter share a bit of being-born-in-Detroit bonding as he tells me exclusively that that was one of the things that most inspired him about The Lone Ranger as a boy -- the story rose out of Motown.

“It started in Detroit in 1933, that’s a great beginning,” Bruckheimer said and smiled. He then gets serious and talks about the themes that made the figure a stalwart in American culture. “It’s all about justice and we all love to have justice in our world around us.”

As we reported, the production welcomed the Navajo Nation to the New Mexico set. They were not the only tribe to visit. It was considered extremely important by Depp that his characterization of Tonto be more of a tribute and less about a caricature. Bruckheimer believes that only enhances the tale he’s currently filming with Gore Verbinski directing.

"We’ve been working with the Navajos and the Comanches and a few others,” he proudly stated. “We want to make sure we get it right and make it as authentic as we can in the movie.”

Casting rumors for the project abounded surrounding the mystery of who would be the Lone Ranger after Depp signed on to portray his steady sidekick Tonto. Upon meeting Hammer, Bruckheimer was sold. “Armie’s such a gentleman,” he said. “He’s so fun to be with.”
Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger

The uber-producer reported that his co-stars are gelling famously. “Johnny’s such a generous actor,” he added. "They’re getting along great. And they are so fantastic together.”

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