Lockout: Watch the First Five Minutes!

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Guy Pearce is astounding in Lockout (check out our review this Friday), and evidence of that is in full effect as Movie Fanatic got our hands on the first five minutes of the film. Pearce plays a former CIA agent in the future who was framed, so he says, for a mission gone horribly wrong. As he is about to be sent to prison, we learn that the President of the United States’ daughter (Maggie Grace) is on an informational mission to the high security outer space prison that orbits the Earth -- the very one to which Pearce has been sentenced. Before he even leaves his transport to the orbiting prison ship, a riot breaks out at the prison... and the President’s daughter is kidnapped. What’s the CIA to do? Why… enlist the help of Pearce to free her in exchange for his freedom.

The film is a pulse-pounder and in many ways has us thinking that if Blade Runner and Die Hard had a baby, it would be Lockout. Check out the film when it arrives April 13 and don’t miss our exclusive interviews with Grace and Pearce all this week!

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Lockout Quotes

You want me to fly? I think I left my cape at home.


I'm getting beat up by a guy named Rupert?


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First and foremost, Lockout could have been the most average of films, but with the stellar turn by its star Guy Pearce, it is a great...

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