Looper Trailer Preview: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Teases Thriller

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The marketing machine behind Looper is hitting high gear as the film is releasing its second teasing for its trailer after yesterday’s first teaser. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis and is from the mind of writer-director Rian Johnson. The film’s first full trailer is set to premiere tomorrow and between these two teasers, color us pretty excited for this wildly original idea of a film.

The film follows the concept that time travel in the future is a reality. It’s illegal, and only the mob is using it. When problems arise in the future, the gangsters send word to the past to their Looper (Gordon-Levitt). He then takes the person who is causing them problems in the future and wipes them out in the present. Things are going swimmingly for Gordon-Levitt, until his future self arrives in the present to wipe him out.

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