Ted Trailer: Seth MacFarlane's Teddy Bear Farce

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Seth MacFarlane knows how to skewer our society as good as anyone working today. Evidence of that talent is all over the green band trailer for his live action film Ted. Movie Fanatic premiered the Ted red band trailer earlier this week and whether naughty or nice, these teasers have gotten our interest peaked.

Mark Wahlberg plays a man whose childhood teddy bear is alive and well and still following him around. He walks, talks and is a burly fellow who hasn’t seen a party methodology he didn’t embrace. Issues arise when Wahlberg’s character meets a girl (Mila Kunis). How will Ted the teddy bear take it?

Check out the film when it arrives July 13 to see how that goes!

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Ted Quotes

I wish I'd just gotten a Teddy Ruxpin!


Y'know, they're hookers. So it's fine.


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Witnessing Ted, it can be described in one phrase: Seth MacFarlane unleashed. Considering the envelopes he pushes on his primetime TV hit...

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