The Avengers: A Bounty of Superhero Stills

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It's a The Avengers image explosion! We've got 12 new stills from the Joss Whedon-written and -directed instant classic. We cannot tell you more about the film until the May 2 embargo is lifted. But, we can tell you this: Marvel fans will rejoice! To mark the mastery that is the new film from the Marvel canon, we have more stills to premiere at one time than at any time in Movie Fanatic history. Enjoy!

Iron Man in Action
The Avengers: Scarlett Johansson
Chris Evans Stars in The Avengers
Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in The Avengers
Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in The Avengers
The Avengers Star Cobie Smulders
The Hulk in Action
The Avengers: Iron Man
Iron Man and Captain America in The Avengers
The Avengers: Iron Man in Action
Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye
Tom Hiddleston is Loki

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The Avengers Quotes

No hard feelings Point Break, you've got a mean swing.

Iron Man (to Thor)

Security Guard: Are you an alien?
Bruce Banner: What?
Security Guard: From outer space, an alien.
Bruce Banner: No.
Security Guard: Well then son, you've got a condition.

The Avengers Review

By hiring Joss Whedon to write and direct The Avengers, already out of the gate Marvel Studios was a leg up on the challenge of bringing...

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