The Avengers Video: Shooting the Action

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The Avengers has released a raw footage video of stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and the rest of the Marvel Studios superhero cast filming their blockbuster. Sure, the film doesn’t arrive until May 4. There are few certainties in life, but one is that the Joss Whedon-directed film will be a huge hit.

Witnessing these behind-the-scenes videos from the set of the film gives fans of the Marvel series an added insight into how the studio captures the magic. After witnessing the film last week, Movie Fanatic can tell you this: This is one of those movies we think we will see at least 10 times! That’s a ringing endorsement, no?

Stay with us as we bring you at least one new bit of information a day about the new film until its premiere May 4. We’ve got interviews with the entire cast and video features you do not want to miss!

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The Avengers Quotes

No hard feelings Point Break, you've got a mean swing.

Iron Man (to Thor)

Security Guard: Are you an alien?
Bruce Banner: What?
Security Guard: From outer space, an alien.
Bruce Banner: No.
Security Guard: Well then son, you've got a condition.

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