The Dictator Trailer: How Far Will Sacha Baron Cohen Go?

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The latest trailer for The Dictator (check out the opening scene!) has premiered and focuses on the part of the story that finds Sacha Baron Cohen’s title character struggling in New York. He may have arrived in Manhattan to address the U.N. as the leader of a North African nation, but after he is kidnapped, has his beard shaved off and is let loose into the city, he must find his way back. As we saw in the previous The Dictator trailer, Anna Faris comes to his rescue. This latest teaser gives us a few more funny scenes with Cohen’s latest comic character reminding us of his brilliance.

While in Las Vegas for the CinemaCon event celebrating movies, we were in the hall when Paramount was giving its presentation about its fare for 2012. As they spoke of the Cohen film, a raucous noise was heard from the back of the room and the man himself (in character) came strolling down the aisle with a dozen armed female bodyguards along his side.

He made his way to the lectern and said a few words. The most notable quote was, “I thought when I came to Hollywood that I would be the only dictator. Seems there’s a Jeffrey Katzenberg that is a dictator too.”

Katzenberg was a great sport. When Cohen strolled by, exiting the theater, the DreamWorks studio head kneeled and kissed the character’s ring.

The film lands May 16.

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