The Raven Clip: A Tell Tale Heart

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John Cusack is Edgar Allan Poe in the thriller The Raven. A madman in Baltimore has taken inspiration from the poet and is systematically going through his work, killing innocents as they were murdered in Poe’s poems. We’ve got a new clip from the film featuring Poe’s love interest, played by Alice Eve, unfortunately living out the icon’s legendary work A Tell Tale Heart.

Stay with Movie Fanatic for our interviews with Cusack, Eve and our review that will premiere on the film’s release day of April 27.

We will say this: Cusack is a marvel as the legendary writer. Fans of the actor will find what he does in The Raven mesmerizing. Also, the idea of the story is brilliant. A killer modeling himself after the darkest works of one of our nation's greatest poets? Who better to help solve the mystery than the man who penned the words that are inspiring a murder spree?

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