Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer: Celebrating History

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The latest trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has landed for Memorial Day and is part of an announcement today that 20th Century Fox will be showing the film to troops aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. The film lands June 22 and is based on the book by Seth Grahame-Smith (check out our exclusive interview with the author).

The film’s star, Benjamin Walker, as well as filmmakers and crew will board the Abraham Lincoln and show off their movie to thousands of sailors.

"We're very excited that 20th Century Fox and Navy Entertainment wanted to provide Abe's crew the opportunity to preview the new Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie while we're out here on deployment," said Capt. John D. Alexander, Commanding Officer of USS Abraham Lincoln. "We're extremely fortunate that the studio wants to give us an early showing. It's something that we've never experienced before on this ship, and we're extremely grateful for their willingness to share this with our sailors."

The man charged with portraying our most beloved president reflected Capt. Alexander’s excitement. “This is really exciting for me to meet the Abe’s crew and screen for them our film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” said Walker. “I hope it brings them excitement, goodwill and a taste of home.”

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