Ashley's Ashes Exclusive Clip: We're Not Hot!

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Ashley’s Ashes has triumphed on the festival circuit and now is heading to VOD on May 23. Movie Fanatic is proud to present an exclusive clip from the film that stars Lee Arenberg, Daniel Baldwin, Clint Howard, Christian Clemenson, Scott Michael Foster, Orson Bean and Willie Garson. The film follows the story of a man named Bob who is doing his best to unlock a mystery. He has inherited someone’s ashes in an urn and unfortunately it’s someone he does not know. Our protagonist’s quest will introduce him to an interesting cast of characters until he finds the truth of the ash’s origins. He knows they belong to someone named Ashley, but that’s about it.

Bob gets notice from the county’s clerk office informing him that he has inherited property. He never could have known that the item in question was an urn. Bob doesn’t know Ashley and has no idea why her remains were left to him. Over the course of the charming film, he discovers much more than simply who Ashley is.

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