Bait 3D Red Band Trailer: Supermarket Shark Attack!

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Ever have one of those days when nothing's going right? You're just havin' a shop at the local supermarket, testing avocados for ripeness (you want them firm, but with just a little give), when all of a sudden the store gets held up. And then there's a tsunami. And then a shark attack. You of those days.

That's the day viewers get a glimpse of in Bait 3D, a new Australian shark thriller. Check out the red band trailer for the film.

Deadly water-bound enemies are all the rage these days, as this trailer and the Piranha 3DD red band trailer demonstrate. And unlike Jaws (check out some Jaws quotes here), these creatures are not constrained to large, easily-avoidable bodies of water. No, today's killer fish will hit you in the bathtub, or the supermarket, or your little cousin's Quinceanera (I'm registering that idea with WGA right now, so don't even think about it).

Bait 3D opens later this year internationally. While the film has an American distributor, no release date has been announced.

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