Battleship Director Peter Berg's Awkward Israeli Interview: "Join the Army, Motherf&%#@r"

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Q: What's the first thing you should do when you're giving a junket interview in Israel?

A: Go off about Middle Eastern relations.

Wait, what? That's precisely the last thing you should do? Someone should tell Battleship director Alex Berg (check out the Battleship Meet the Aliens video). In a recent Israeli interview, Berg began giving the young interviewer some foreign-relations advice on how to handle the threat of a nuclear Iran, then went on to accuse the kid of draft dodging. Oh yeah, and he said Battleship is good too.

For a look at Berg in a less awkward situation, check out this Battleship set photo (though that necklace is a tad awkward...). Or let his work speak for itself when Battleship opens in theaters this Friday (May 18).

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