Chernobyl Diaries Clip: Be Careful, It's Contaminated

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The first clip from the upcoming film Chernobyl Diaries dropped today, courtesy of iTunes Movie Trailers.

The clip shows the calm before the storm--and we all know there will be a big storm--as a tour guide explains the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl to a group of "extreme tourists."

The tour guide hears a strange noise and goes to investigate, and that's when the clip ends. Judging from the Chernobyl Diaries trailer, however, the noise won't turn out to just be the house "settling in."

After getting the grand tour, the tourists discover that they are stranded in the abandoned city, and that they're not alone.

Chernobyl Diaries is the brain child of Oren Peli, whose breakthrough film Paranormal Activity received high horror-movie praise. It premiers May 25 and stars Jesse McCartney and The Dictator actress Olivia Dudley (watch The Dictator trailer here).

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