Crooked Arrows: Trailer

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I know what you're thinking: "Come on, not another lacrosse movie!" Well, it may shock you to learn that, in fact, cinema has largely ignored this primarily-coastal prep-school sport (but hey, lacrosse players can be ragtag too!). Given that, it may be safe to say that Crooked Arrows will be the greatest lacrosse film of our generation--Nay, of all time!

Crooked Arrows opens in select theaters May 18th and stars Brandon Routh (former Man of Steel in 2006's Superman Returns) as Joe Logan, a reluctant young coach who leads a Native American high school lacrosse team on their unlikely journey to the state championships.

The film figures to teach American audiences plenty about the under-covered sport of lacrosse, which originated amongst Native Americans, and about Native American culture at large.

Let's hope that Crooked Arrows can pave the way for films about jai alai, darts, hop scotch, frolf, and maybe, just maybe, competitive Yahtzee. A man can dream.

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