First Skyfall Trailer: James Bond is Back

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Don't mention the name of the latest James Bond film to James Bond. He'll get up and storm out. At least, according to the first trailer for the new movie Skyfall.

The short trailer teases the film without giving away much of the plot, though it would seem that the word Skyfall has some deep significance. What we already know is that Skyfall will involve a secret from M's past, and a direct threat to MI6. We also know that the Skyfall Bond girls include Naomie Harris as a field agent, and French actress Berenice Marlohe as the glamorous Severine.

The film marks the third time Daniel Craig has played James Bond, and the 23rd James Bond film in total. In addition to Craig, Javier Bardem joins the Skyfall cast as the villain, Raoul Silva.

Skyfall will premier in London on October 26.

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Skyfall Quotes

M: Where the hell have you been?
James Bond: Enjoying death. 007 reporting for duty.

Psychologist: I'm going to say a word, and I want you to say the first word that comes into your head. For example, if I say, 'day,' you say...
James Bond: Wasted.
Psychologist: Agent.
James Bond: Provocateur.
Psychologist: Woman?
James Bond: Provocatrix.
Psychologist: M.
James Bond: Bitch.
Psychologist: Gun.
James Bond: Shot.
Psychologist: Murder.
James Bond: Occupation.
Psychologist: Country.
James Bond: England.
Psychologist: Skyfall.
Psychologist: Skyfall.
James Bond: Done.

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