High School Exclusive: On a High with Michael Chiklis and Matt Bush

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We’re catching up with High School stars Michael Chiklis and Matt Bush (soon to be seen in Piranha 3DD) for an exclusive video interview and scoring quite a lot of insight. The duo play foils in the stoner comedy that finds Chiklis returning to his comic roots as a high school principal and Bush as the would-be valedictorian. Why would Bush’s ace student have to worry about his principal? Because on one of the final days of the year, on a fluke, his character smoked pot with his friend as Chiklis' administrator decides on a mandatory drug test for the entire school. Bush’s future appears ruined… so what’s he to do? How about get the entire school high so the test is deemed void!

In our exclusive chat, the pair tell us their favorite high school comedies and Chiklis is incredibly candid about his time on The Shield, being The Thing in Fantastic Four and why High School was ripe for a return.

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