Latest Men In Black 3 Featurette: J-Talking

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I know, I know. You're like, "Why won't Men In Black 3 give me anything in advance of its May 25 release?"

In truth, Columbia has been releasing clips, trailers, pics, and featurettes seemingly daily in anticipation of the sci-fi comedy threequel. And today is no different. The latest from the film is a featurette that highlights some of Will Smiths thoughts on a character he's grown to know pretty well, Agent J.

Of course, 'MIB3' isn't the only alien comedy this summer. There's also The Watch, which stars Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Jonah Hill as suburbanites who accidentally uncover an alien plot that threatens the world. Check out The Watch red band trailer here to compare the two different takes on a similar subject matter.

Which of the two alien comedies are you looking forward to more?

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