Latest Men In Black 3 TV Spot Shows Off More Young K

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The latest Men In Black 3 TV spot features perhaps the best answer in film history to the assertion that there's no such thing as time travel: "Well, there is."

It's that easy. Once you start getting into the specifics of how it works, you're going to encounter a conundrum. Let's just leave it at "it's possible."

The new trailer also shows off some more of Josh Brolin's endlessly-baffling Tommy Lee Jones impression, and reveals about a second and a half of Brolin and Will Smith at Shea Stadium. In addition to Brolin, Jones, and Smith, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, and Bill Hader (as Andy Warhol) round out the Men In Black 3 cast.

Catch Men In Black 3, which made our list of the Top 10 Summer Movies, in theaters May 25.

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