'LOL' More Like 'FML': Latest Miley Cyrus Film a Box Office Disaster

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Let's embark on a little thought experiment together: Imagine you spent $11 million dollars on a film. Got it? Okay, now picture the film testing so horribly that you don't even promote it. Alright, next think of that film being released the exact same day as one of the most highly-anticipated movie events of the century. Then, on top of all of that, go ahead and envision the film making as much nationwide as that epic movie event made per theater.

Still with me? Good, okay, now imagine that the film is literally named the sound of everyone laughing at you.

That's LOL.

Yes, LOL, the story of a girl named...LOL (yes really). Lol is played by Miley Cyrus, and critics are already speculating that the epic failure may ruin her acting career. The film made an abysmal $46,500 in its opening weekend (to compare, The Avengers made $46,100 per theater). If you converted that money into dollar bills and dropped them from a blimp into Yankee stadium during a game, not everyone would get a dollar bill.

Ultimately, Lionsgate, seeming to understand the fate of this film but unable to release it straight-to-DVD due to an odd clause involving international rights, buried LOL under the immense success of their other recent film about high schoolers, The Hunger Games. And with the triumphant success of that film (especially among the teen demographic), it's hard to feel bad about a little flop like this one.

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