MacGruber 2: Writer-Director Jorma Taccone Hints at a Sequel

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Despite the tepid box office earnings of the original film, MacGruber may be getting a sequel. The comedy, based on a Saturday Night Live sketch starring Will Forte, was actually quite hilarious, despite the poor track record of post-Wayne's World SNL films. For proof, visit our MacGruber quotes page.

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While no plot or casting details have been revealed for MacGruber 2, writer/director Jorma Taccone has stated that he, Forte, and fellow writer John Solomon have been throwing around ideas for a while. One can only hope that Kristen Wiig (check out some Bridesmaids quotes) will return as Vicki St. Elmo-MacGruber.

Perhaps because the film was based on a recurring sketch with almost no plot or character development, the expectations for MacGruber were initially low, but since its release, the film, which spoofs the 80's action genre, has gained a rather large cult following. It is likely that a sequel will have a more positive initial reaction.

While MacGruber 2 awaits a greenlight, Will Forte can be seen in a supporting role the upcoming film The Watch. Take a look at The Watch redband trailer for more.

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MacGruber Quotes

MacGruber: Your companion is a very beautiful young woman.
Dieter Von Cunth: Thank you.
MacGruber: I hope you enjoy being date raped, ma'am.
Dieter Von Cunth: This is my daughter.

If ripping throats gets that warhead back, I'll suck as many dicks as I've go-- I'll rip as many throats as I have to!


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