Men in Black 3 Exclusive Clips: How Did They Do That?

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After premiering three exclusive Men in Black 3 clips, Movie Fanatic is honored to present three more videos from the blockbuster. Our inside looks include a “how did they do that?” feature exploring the time jump sequence, a trailer with commentary by VFX Supervisors Ken Ralston and Jay Redd and a spot that shows how the magic of the movies continues to amaze us with a certain weasel of a scene from Men in Black 3.

Our first clip takes us to the edge and lets it all hang out as Will Smith makes a leap back in time. It’s hard to believe after witnessing the film in all its glory that the crucial scene was not filmed atop a New York skyscraper and, in fact, was achieved in a Brooklyn special effects studio.

Next up we have the trailer from Men in Black 3, but you've never seen and heard it quite like this as the film's effects masters narrate the action.

Lastly, we’ve saved the best for last as Sony takes us behind the scenes of a pivotal part of the Men in Black storyline. We don’t want to give away too much, let’s just say you’ve got a front row seat to how they created and filmed the “weasel” scene! Notice how they give props to makeup whiz Rick Baker?

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