Men in Black 3 Exclusive: Three Behind the Scenes Clips

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Agent K and Agent J are back in action after a decade in Men in Black 3. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones not only rekindle their championed cinematic chemistry first established in 1997’s Men in Black, but are joined in the classic chemistry department by Josh Brolin. As astounding as Brolin is as the young Agent K (as mentioned in our Men in Black 3 review), audiences have to also tribute the brilliance that went on behind the scenes.

Movie Fanatic is proud to premiere the first three of six clips (the final three arrive May 28) that break down pivotal scenes in the sure-to-be blockbuster and take our readers behind the curtain to reveal the magic and how it was achieved.

Our first features a fateful motorcycle chase that begins at old Shea Stadium with a plot point that allows Agents J and K to witness the miracle that was The Mets of 1969 and ends with the villain -- Boris (Jemaine Clement) -- escaping with the Men in Black’s most needed ally in this adventure. How did they do it? Watch and find out…

Jones and Smith begin their Men in Black 3 mystery unraveling by visiting a fish restaurant where not only the wait staff is of another world, but the customers soon reveal themselves to be aliens who, let’s just say, do not care for the Men in Black in the least. Seven-time Oscar winner, makeup artist Rick Baker, has done it again as you can see in the "how did they craft the 'fish' scene?" video.

Lastly, the film culminates with a heart-pounding finale where Brolin and Smith are in a race against time against Boris’ bad self to save the world. Oh, yeah… they’re charged with getting something onto the Apollo rocket that is about to light its candle and fly to the moon. You do not want to be anywhere near that thing when it goes off! Would it be believable that almost none of what you see onscreen is real, except the actors, of course? Check out our third behind-the-scenes vid that shows you how Sony Imageworks gets it done.

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