New Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Featurette Shows the Prez Punishing Vamps

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Ever wonder who our most badass President was? It was Rutherford B. Hayes: Goblin Wrestler. But our second most badass President was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

This new Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter featurette, released today courtesy of iTunes Movie Trailers, show a young Lincoln choppin' vamps and takin' names.

It also features interviews with the film's producer Tim Burton, director Timur Bekmambetov, and writer Seth Grahame-Smith. The three of them agree that the film, a mix of fact and fiction based on the mash-up novel of the same name, plays like a superhero origin story. For more insights, check out this exclusive interview with Grahame-Smith.

The film opens on June 22, 2012, and stars Benjamin Walker as the Super-Prez. As luck would have it, Tim Burton is not just producing films this year, he's also directing them. Check out this Dark Shadows trailer from his new film, coming out May 11.

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