Skyfall Photos: James Bond Takes Aim

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James Bond is back and in the first of two new photos from the Skyfall set, we see Daniel Craig back in action as the iconic action hero. That first still features Craig aiming his weapon with the fiercest of looks. That glare below is one reason why we feel Craig is one of the best at the character since Sean Connery. There is a brutalness to Craig's portrayal that truly fits what author Ian Fleming had in mind.

Daniel Craig Stars as James Bond in Skyfall

The second photo features Oscar-winning helmer Sam Mendes directing Judi Dench in what is rumored to be her last go-around as M.
Sam Mendes Directs Judi Dench on Skyfall Set

Check out our thoughts on the Skyfall sizzle reel we witnessed at the recent CinemaCon.

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Skyfall Quotes

Psychologist: I'm going to say a word, and I want you to say the first word that comes into your head. For example, if I say, 'day,' you say...
James Bond: Wasted.
Psychologist: Agent.
James Bond: Provocateur.
Psychologist: Woman?
James Bond: Provocatrix.
Psychologist: M.
James Bond: Bitch.
Psychologist: Gun.
James Bond: Shot.
Psychologist: Murder.
James Bond: Occupation.
Psychologist: Country.
James Bond: England.
Psychologist: Skyfall.
Psychologist: Skyfall.
James Bond: Done.

There's some men coming to kill us. We've got to kill them first.

James Bond

Skyfall Review

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