The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality App

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Sony may have missed a great opportunity to release an Amazing Spider-Man "web" app, but they decided to forgo the pun and release a phone app instead.

The free app, available from the App Store or Google Play, allows users to activate interactive 3D animations by scanning specially-marked Amazing Spider-Man images. Fans can even take a real-world picture with virtual Spider-Man.

Maybe you can take a picture of you watching The Amazing Spider-Man trailer with Spider-Man! No, don't, it's too meta! It'll tear apart the fabric of space-time! Nooooooo!

The Amazing Spider-Man International Poster

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The Amazing Spider-Man Quotes

Spider-Man: Is that a knife? Is that a real knife?
Car Thief: Yes, it's a real knife.
Spider-Man: My weakness. Small knives. Anything but knives!

Philip Stacy: Did you catch that spider guy yet?
George Stacy: No, we didn't catch him yet. But we will. An amateur who's assaulting civilians in the dead of night. He's clumsy, he leaves clues, but he's still dangerous.
Peter Parker: He's assault - He's assaulting people? I'm not sure. I mean, I saw that video with him and the car thief and I think most people would say he was providing a public service.
George Stacy: Most people would be wrong. If I wanted the car thief off the street, he'd already be off the street.
Peter Parker: So, why wasn't he, then?

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Marc Webb had a tough task bringing Spider-Man back after such a short break. Composing this The Amazing Spider-Man review is tricky...

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