The Campaign Trailer: Brady v Huggins

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Most Americans are used to having to decide between a jerk and an idiot. Am I right? Politics.

Sorry to go on that political rant. It's just that the first trailer for this summer's political comedy The Campaign was just released and it got me all riled up.

The Campaign features Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as Cam Brady and Marty Huggins, two clueless rivals in a congressional election for a small North Carolina district. While this is the first official trailer, Warner Bros. did release earlier this week two fake campaign ads, compelling viewers to "Vote for Cam" or "Vote for Marty."

The comedy, which comes out August 10, is directed by Jay Roach, director of the Austin Powers films and Meet the Parents, as well as this year's political HBO film, Game Change. But The Campaign is not the only politically-charged comedy of the summer. Sacha Baron Cohen's, The Dictator arrives in theaters next week.

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