The Expendables 2 TV Spot: Shoot Something!

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The best line in the newest TV spot for The Expendables 2 is "shoot something!" It really gets to the heart of the film's ethos. If its myriad action superstars aren't blowing something up, why are they there?

The spot is full of explosions and winky action lines like "You're terminated!" I half expect someone to call Jason Stathom "cranky" or hand Chuck Norris a couple Texas Rangers tickets.

In addition the action stars that are returning from the first film, newcomer Liam Hemsworth of The Hunger Games (check out some The Hunger Games quotes) joins the cast as Bill "The Kid" Timmons. Other new additions include Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme (who plays a villain named Jean Vilain...I can't get over that).

The Expendables 2 opens August 17. For a longer look at the film, take a look at the full Expendables 2 trailer.

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