The Loved Ones Trailer: Prom Bloody Prom

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So, I mean, my prom wasn't great. My date's mom wouldn't let her go to the "after-party" with me. But at least I survived the ordeal with only minor injuries (mostly to my ego).

According to The Loved Ones trailer provided by iTunes Move Trailers, Brent from the upcoming film may not be so lucky. This Australian horror flick tells the tale of a high school boy who rejects fellow student Lola Stone's offer to accompany her to the prom. So she kidnaps him, tortures him, and holds her own bloody (Australian and American sense) prom! You know, just what any hormonal young lady would do when rejected.

The film has already screened domestically in Australia, and is now being offered through a unique distribution system in America. In order to bring the film to your town, you have to sign up online. If enough people sign up, a screening will be held. For more details, visit the official website for The Loved Ones.

The trailer suggests that if you enjoyed the likes of Funny Games, you'll have a blast with The Loved Ones. Also check out this brilliantly creepy Loved Ones teaser in preparation for the film's June 2012 release.

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