Weekend Movie Preview: May 25, 2012

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend and the arrival of that date used to mean the start of the summer movie season. Of course we all know now that Hollywood rolls out their warmer month fare earlier in May as The Avengers, Battleship and Dark Shadows have all taken their place in theaters. This holiday weekend marks the return of Will Smith in Men in Black 3, a horror yarn from the creator of Paranormal Activity and the most charming, utterly fantastic movie you will see this year in Moonrise Kingdom.

Men in Black 3: Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to the franchise for their first time together in a decade. The film pops on all fronts -- from its stellar special effects to a killer performance by Josh Brolin as the young Jones, plus the combining of comedy and sci-fi that has made the film series so resonant. The third film is right up there with the first. Check out our Men in Black 3 review for more.

Chernobyl Diaries: Oren Peli wrote and produced this film that is -- gasp -- not a found footage movie. Six twenty-somethings head to the titular locale for an extreme tourism experience that of course goes horribly wrong. Seems they’re not alone and when their van won’t start… it appears their nightmare will not end well. As we state in our Chernobyl Diaries review, Peli and his team have made a solid horror flick.

Moonrise Kingdom: Movie Fanatic’s early pick for movie of the year has landed. Wes Anderson has crafted a world we want to visit again and again. When two tweens in love run away, it mobilizes the zany characters of a fictional New England island, and warmth and hilarity ensue in droves. Starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Frances McDormand… Anderson’s latest is his greatest. Don’t miss our five-star Moonrise Kingdom review.

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