You Just Don't Get It, Do You? Funny New Video Exposes Film Cliche

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Oh man, how many times a week does this happened to you: you're expressing a misguided opinion about a major event in your life, only to expose the fact that you've conceived of the event all wrong! And then, in order to help you along in your major epiphany that will completely change your mindset forever and finally allow you to tackle your life's problems head-on, your best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/parent/child/side-kick/co-worker/cell-mate/army buddy spells it out for you: "You just don't get it, do you?"

What? That's never happened to you? That's never happened to anyone?

A new Youtube video from Bottoms Up Productions exposes just how common the phrase "You just don't get it, do you?" is in movie writing.

Do you get it? Now you'll be hyper-aware of this phrase any time it pops up in a movie. Let us know if you catch the cliche in any of the Top 10 movies of the summer. And if you can think of any other phrases you hear in films again and again, comment about it below.

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