Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer: The Epic Battle Awaits

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After a brief teaser yesterday, the much-anticipated new trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 has arrived, offering a glimpse into Bella's life as a vampire and the impending battle between the Cullens and the Volturi.

The crux of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is Irina misidentifying Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee as an immortal child - despite the fact that she was born, not bitten - and the vampire authorities being quite unhappy.

The Cullens must therefore assemble other vampires to protect their daughter and prove her identity as Volturi enforcers seek to punish the beloved bloodsucking family for allegedly creating a child vampire.

The new trailer offers a glimpse of the climactic battle scene, as well as Kristen Stewart as newly-transformed vampire Bella Swan, on the front lines in defense of Renesmee. There's a lot of red eyes on that field!

Watch the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer below and share your comments:

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