Django Unchained Photo Shows Leonardo DiCaprio's Smoky Southern Scoundrel

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The Weinstein Company has released a new still from Django Unchained, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio's Calvin Candie smoking a really long, silly, Southern-y pipe (the pipe represents the importance of the free-labor cultivation of tobacco on the economic stability of the antebellum American South...I'm guessing...).

UPDATE: The photo we ran was leaked, and the studio has asked us to remove it.

DiCaprio is playing two wealthy, well-dressed, tobacco-smoking period characters this Christmas, as he will also portray Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. Shave the beard and make that pipe a cigarette, and you've got this photo of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, which opens the exact same minute as Django Unchained. Weird, right?

Django Unchained tells the revenge story of a slave named Django, who is promised his freedom (and that of his wife) if he can lead a bounty hunter to two wanted men. DiCaprio's Candie is the nefarious plantation owner under whose possession Django's wife is held.

Tarantino's latest opens December 25. For more, check out the Django Unchained trailer.

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