Dredd Trailer Debuts: Judge, Jury and Executioner

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Lionsgate has debuted the first trailer for the upcoming action thriller Dredd, starring Karl Urban (Star Trek, Star Trek 2) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno). The film is based on the character of Judge Dredd from the British comic 2000 AD.

The character was previously adapted for screen int he 1995 film Judge Dredd, starring Sylvester Stallone (Expendables 2). Dredd will not be a sequel or a remake of that film, but will take a fresh look at the comic book character.

Dredd takes place on a post-apocalyptic fictional Earth, where law enforcers (called Judges) have the power to use brutality to stop extreme criminals. Judge Dredd teams up with a young cadet in order to fight a terrorist organization spreading a drug called Slo-Mo.

Pete Travis directs the film, with the screenplay written by Alex Garland. Dredd will hit theaters September 21.

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