High School Exclusive: John Stalberg Jr. & Colin Hanks Interview

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Colin Hanks immediately attached himself to director John Stalberg Jr.’s High School when he read the script. The humor leapt off the page and as he tells us in our exclusive video interview, the film had to be his next project. Hanks’ director on the film also joins us and gives us insight into the real-life inspiration for his stoner comedy that has immediately joined the ranks of cinema’s great high school movies (check out our review).

High School is in theaters now and has the crazy premise of a valedictorian who is desperate as he believes that he will be expelled. Why? Because he knows he will fail a school-wide drug test set forth by the institution’s evil Dean (Michael Chiklis). What’s a kid to do after the mistake of one night of revelry? Why not take Bob Dylan’s lyrics and bring them to life: Everybody must get stoned!

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