Movie Fanatic Set Diary: My Man is a Loser

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I’ve always been fascinated with how a movie is made... so imagine my delight when Movie Fanatic was invited for a dinner and set visit for the upcoming comedy My Man is a Loser.

Down in Chelsea (New York) where the movie is shooting, several other journalists and myself were taken to an introductory dinner with Producer Eric Bamberger, Writer/Director Mike Young and Producer Vince Maggio. The three were very gracious hosts, rotating their seats throughout the mean in order to chat with everyone. So what did I learn?


The story of My Man is a Loser was the brainchild of Bamberger, who serves as the Senior Vice President of 360i. Finding humor in everyday situations and stories about his friends, he wanted to write a movie about what it’s like for men to hit 40 and kind of lose their mojo with their wives. He turned to Young, the genius behind the first (and best) two seasons of Entourage and Young signed on to write the screenplay and direct.

Regarding the casting, they literally thought: “Who is the hottest single guy in America in his 40s?” John Stamos, of course!

When you’re all on the same page about who you envision as your star, it helps everything flow that much better. The producers set up a chemistry dinner before shooting began so that all the actors could meet their significant others. Everyone hit it off and the rest is history. Or will be when the film opens next year.

On one of their last days shooting in NYC, we were invited to Marquee nightclub to watch a couple scenes. Filming in a club is what I’d refer to as controlled chaos, as there were tons of extras who have to act drunk and dance to silence take after take.

The cast could not speak more highly of each other, a true testament to their chemistry. They were clearly cracking each other up between takes. For more on Tika Sumpter (Gossip Girl), Michael Rappaport (True Romance, Beautiful Girls), and Stamos (Full House, Glee) return to Movie Fanatic later this week for my rundown of interviews!

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