Paperman to Run Before Wreck-It Ralph: Disney Short Blends Traditional Animation and CG

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Disney has announced that their new short animated film, Paperman will play before screenings of Wreck-It Ralph.

Paperman Poster

The film is not, in fact, an adaptation of the 1980's arcade game Paperboy, though given that they're making films from board games now (see: Battleship), I'm sure one of those is in the works somewhere (and word is the news-chucking character will make an appearance in Wreck-It Ralph). The black-and-white short follows a man in mid-century New York who sees his dream girl on his morning commute. After finding her again in a skyscraper window, he uses a stack of paper to get her attention.

Animators used a new system that combines 2D animation with computer animation in a technique called "final line advection."

Paperman premiers November 2 with Wreck-It Ralph. Check out the Wreck-It Ralph trailer, with a forward from John C. Reilly, for more.

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