Robocop Remake Rumor: Hugh Laurie as Villainous CEO?

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The diagnosis for this movie rumor: totally positive!

Hugh Laurie - best known for his cantankerous, incredible portrayal of Gregory House on Fox for eight season - is in negotiations to come on board the upcoming Sony Pictures remake of Robocop.

According to Variety, the multiple-time Emmy Award nominee would portray the evil CEO of Omni Corp, which creates the title character for his own gain.

Hugh Laurie Fox Promo

Joel Kinnaman will anchor the film as Robocop himself, a Detroit police officer who undergoes a radical transformation after getting killed.

Gary Oldman is on board as the doctor who creates Robocop, while Abbie Cornish will play his conflicted wife and Samuel L. Jackson a patriotic media mogul.

Production will begin this summer on the rebooting of the 1987 classic that starred Peter Weller.

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