That's My Boy: Andy Samberg Recuts the Trailer

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Okay, so it's not like the Andy Samberg/Adam Sandler connection is anything new. The former admits that he has been mistaken for the latter his entire career. But a funny new trailer for That's My Boy, cut by Samberg himself, exploits the similarity in the two stars' names. It's extremely reminiscent of the Whitest Kids U' Know SNL parody we highlighted last week, but given it was made by the person it's about, I think the similarities are forgivable.

That's My Boy stars Sandler as a Donny, a man who fathered a child (Samberg) after an affair with his teacher. Desperately in debt, Donny tries to reconnect with his son at his wedding. With numerous comedies under his belt, let us know what you think is Adam Sandler's best film in our new poll.

For more, watch the real That's My Boy red band trailer.

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That's My Boy Quotes

Donny: What the fuck is this?!
Spa worker: It's water infused with cucumber, rose petal and harvest sandalwood.
Donny: Tastes like fucking dick infused with balls.

Jamie: Todd, your old man's here to see you!
Donny: WASSUP!

That's My Boy Review

Adam Sandler does not pull any punches when it comes to his first R-rated movie in a decade. The film recalls the humor of Sandler’s...

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