That's My Boy Red Band Trailer: Adam Sandler is a Jedi With the Chicks

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Adam Sandler drinks, swears, and screams his way through the latest red band trailer for That's My Boy. Check it out below (unless you're at work, then maybe wait until you get home):

The film stars Sandler as the absentee father of Andy Samberg, who re-enters his son's life right before his wedding. The two similarly-named SNL vets seemed destined to work together. I swear, I can never talk about this movie without thinking of this sketch from The Whitest Kids U' Know:

Sandler's career has run the gamut from frat-boy comedy to family-friendly film to straight up drama, and he even mixed them all up in the 2009 Jud Apatow film, Funny People. Visit our Funny People quotes page for a refresher.

For a closer look at the film, check out these That's My Boy clips we posted last week. And catch the film when it hits theaters June 15.

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I'm just a regular guy who did a wicked fucking awesome thing.


Jamie: Todd, your old man's here to see you!
Donny: WASSUP!

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