That's My Boy: Vanilla Ice Collaborates and Listens

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Vanilla Ice is not afraid to exploit his persona for laughs in That’s My Boy. The latest Adam Sandler film features Ice’s alter ego, Rob Van Winkle, portraying himself. As part of the storyline, Sandler’s Donny Berger obtained ridiculous fame in the late 1980s and became fast friends with the Ice, Ice, Baby rapper. As the film moves to present day, Sandler and the Ice Man reconnect to hilarious results. Movie Fanatic caught up with Van Winkle to “collaborate and listen” on his latest.

Vanilla Ice in That's My Boy

“I had no idea what to expect,” he said of joining the Sandler machine.

“I was just eager to get in to see where I fit in. I get there and everybody was just so cool. Adam was so down to earth and made it easy for me to just do what I had to do and give me freedom to go in there and be myself and enjoy it. Off set, we were playing guitars and he was in there keeping everybody’s morale up. It’s a great cast and a great group of people on a Sandler set. I’m glad these guys called me to be a part of it.”

Van Winkle is comfortable with the laughs produced at his expense during That’s My Boy because he’s completely at peace with everything that has ever happened to him. “That weekend that lasted a few years,” he said about his overnight fame. “Seriously, I look back and love it all. I’m excited to bring back some of the old school that we miss a little bit in That's My Boy. I got the 5.0 in the movie! I almost wanted to stand in there and do the running man for old times’ sake.”

The rapper-actor, who has appeared on screen previously in the cult hit Cool as Ice, let Movie Fanatic in on his secret to not worrying about where that next gig will come from. “You got to keep that hustle tight. You can’t be slipping on your pimping,” he said. “You got to swim through the trenches and get to the other side.”

Is he always thinking in terms of deep wisdom and rhymes? “Yeah, that’s one thing I’ve learned. I’ve lived off these phrases. We are who we are because of who we were which I had to accept. There’s a whole lot of truth to that. These phrases are more valuable than thousands of dollars worth of therapy. Be yourself and enjoy yourself. Show me a smile, I’ll show you one back. Karma, believe in it, it’s real. It comes back to you. You show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are. It works for me. That's how I stay positive.”

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