Total Recall Movie Trailer: Intrigue! Explosions! Cat Fights!

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Director Len Wiseman's remake of Total Recall certainly looks like an explosive thrill ride.

Yes, it's a remake of the successful Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle from 1990, but compared to The Amazing Spider-Man, that's an eternity in reboot terms. Just go with it and watch stuff blow up, okay?

Starring Colin Ferrell and Kate Beckinsale, the film hits theaters August 3.

Judging by the second Total Recall trailer, it's going to be one futuristic, potentially confusing adrenaline rush that won't disappoint. Watch the action below and see for yourself:

A few things Movie Fanatic gleaned from the above preview:

  • Your need for explosions will be satisfied by this summer blockbuster.
  • Women, apparently, have three breasts in this undefined future era.
  • It looks like Beckinsale is part of the Rekall and turns on Farrell.
  • The chemistry between Quaid/Hauser (Ferrell), and Jessica Biel's character is palpable ... while the beatdown she administers on Beckinsale may be the highlight of the picture.

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