Celeste and Jesse Forever Exclusive: Rashida Jones on Writing Next Role

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Rashida Jones has been quite the busy creative force in 2012. Between filming her hit show Parks and Recreation and co-writing and starring in Celeste and Jesse Forever, Jones is proving her mettle as a performer to be reckoned with. Jones tells us in our exclusive video interview that it was the chance to work on a full-length film with her good friend Andy Samberg that truly drove the creative process.

“It was great because Andy hasn’t gotten a chance to do this meaty of a role,” Jones said. Working with people she knows is always a plus, Jones reported in our Our Idiot Brother interview. “I got to watch him in real time be incredible and a total natural at something that he’s never been given the opportunity to do before.”

Jones has crafted a story about high school sweethearts who stayed together into adulthood, only to find they would be better off as friends. How will the two manage the intricacies of life where once there was love, and now there's only friendly appreciation?

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