Compliance Trailer: Take a Look at This Chilling Sundance Hit

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Compliance explores peoples' willingness to do horrible things handed down from a supposed authority figure. It received major buzz at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and now the trailer has been released. And it looks disturbingly compelling. Check it out:

Based on a string of real-life strip search phone scams, the film follows a fast food manager, Sandra, who gets a call from a police officer accusing her young employee Becky of theft. Ordered to perform a strip search on the girl, Sandra reluctantly complies, setting a nightmarish series of events in motion.

Ann Dowd plays Sandra, with Dreama Walker as Becky. Walker is best known for her role as Hazel Williams in Gossip Girl, though she also appeared alongside Jonah Hill in last year's comedy The Sitter. For more, check out some The Sitter quotes.

Writer/Director Craig Zobel has worked previously with Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green. This is only his second feature film. Compliance will arrive in theaters August 17.

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